Fishing trip programme

  1. Fishing trip begins by meeting the fishing guide. Fishing guide has put everything ready for the group, prepared the snack and or lunch and taken care of any additional services such as accommodation, dining and meeting facilities.
  2. Fishing guide presents the day's program and introduces the necessary instructions by the pier for a high quality and care-free fishing trip. Before moving to the boat everyone should be wearing appropriate clothing and flotation vests.
  3. At the beginning of the fishing trip guide makes sure that the equipment are in position and places the fishermen. Fishing guide will show and teach the necessary fishing techniques and introduces the lures, fishing spots and fish movements. Guide will walk you through the necessary safety guidelines at the beginning of the journey as well.
  4. During the trip, the fishing guide instructs and guides the fishers in the group and drives the boat to new fishing spots until the fish is found and the prey have been obtained. It is a matter of honor that fish is caught for our fishing guides! Best results are obtained when customers comply with fishing guide’s instructions during a fishing trip.
  5. Picnic lunch and snacks will be enjoyed during the trip. The basic price includes a picnic lunch which can be eaten on the boat or on a beach. Separately ordered lunches are prepared at a comfortable rest area and it is, of course, fish food!
  6. After the lunch break fishing continues. Fishing trip ends on the agreed schedule. Fishing guide accompanies the group on the journey back to the starting point or to the agreed location.